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From Leonardo da Vinci to the Three Gorges dam.
In the 15th century Da Vinci was one of the first to write about the friction of sliding bodies. Since the 15th century it has gradually been realized that friction and wear are key factors in making reliable and durable bearing constructions. In the 21st century low-friction D-glide bearings have been used in the Three Gorges dam project.
DRIE-D has built on the fundamental principles established by Da Vinci. Our activities are centred on friction and wear: original and efficient designs for the most demanding bearing applications using our D-glide family of composite bearing materials.
Our extensive experience in the offshore industry means we understand the importance of the reliability and predictability of bearings and creating designs fit for the harshest, most corrosive and aggressive environments. We know that failure is simply not an option.
DRIE-D produces D-glide bearing materials using the latest generation of synthetic fibres, resins and additives. This results in bearings that can operate in most applications without any form of maintenance. Bearings that allow the highest loads, with low to ultra-low wear rates and friction values. Bearings that are resistant to almost everything, immersed in water or dry and anywhere in between and from arctic to tropical conditions. Bearings that are environmentally friendly, both in production and use.

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