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5,500 tonne bridge with DRIE-D bearing constructions


The Samuel Beckett Bridge (measuring 120 metres long; 48 metres high) arrived on a barge into Dublin Port on Tuesday 12th of May, having charted its way across the English Channel and Irish Sea. The superstructure began its odyssey at Graham-Hollandia JV Shipyard in Rotterdam on Monday 4th May. The bridge is due to open in early 2010.  Following finishing and commissioning works, it will link the northside of Dublin with the southside.

The famous architect-engineer Calatrava designed this beautiful revolving bridge; one of the largest in the world. Hollandia had the honour of building it. Most details had been worked out, but the bearing constructions (axial support bearing, radial bearing, locking pin guides, quay connection bearings and drive cylinder bearings) for this 5,500 tonne bridge still needed to be designed and detailed. DRIE-D was asked to lead this operation and produce and supply all bearings. The result is a bridge that moves smoothly and gracefully without grease.

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