AIN Dubai - Mega bearings ferris wheel

HDEC (Hyundai Engineering and Construction), Dubai
Traditional roller bearings would not meet all demands
Development of enormous bearings without balls or rollers


Mega bearing for a collasal ferris wheel

The question
The principal, the government of the United Arab Emirates decided they wished to realise the largest Ferris wheel in the world on the new, man-made, Bluewaters island. Hyundai was awarded the contract. The scope was seriously ambitious, besides the size and the contractual obligation to build ‘the largest’, for instance also a 60 year life time and minimal maintenance requirements were demanded.

The practice
Hyundai contracted KCI of Schiedam, the Netherlands, for the engineering of the wheel. KCI in turn asked DRIE-D to design the bearings in the heart of the wheel, because of our expertise.

Together the team of engineers made the translation from the general demands from the contract into the specific bearing requirements. They needed to be inspectable, replaceable, durable, cost efficient, maintenance free and absolutely fail safe. It is clear that traditional roller bearings simply do not offer such a set or properties. Something new needed to be created.

The solution
Elements from D-glide in combination with steel were created, envision them as ‘bearing tiles’, to be fitted inside the hub. A set of these tiles together form a bearing ring, per hub two of these bearing rings are fitted. Four rings carry the full weight of the wheel and allow it to revolve around the hollow shaft or spindle. On the side of each hub there is another set of bearing tiles, preventing the hubs from sliding off the spindle. Together this forms the bearing system of the wheel.

The result
An innovative design of mega bearings from D-glide bearing tiles instead of roller bearings ensures 60 years of uncomplicatedly doing its rounds and helps to establish this record size wheel safely and reliably.