Agricultural equipment has to be able to deal with a rather unique set of circumstances. Farms are dusty places, their fields and pastures even more so. Equipment is used with long intervals, sometimes only a few weeks a year, they usually are full of a variety of moving parts, their owners as a rule are not and do not wish to be maintenance engineers and still they have to function flawlessly if and when needed. It is either ‘no season’ or ‘high season’ and in high season break down, maintenance stops are not an option.

This puts very specific challenges on the bearings, guides and slides. Maintenance free is of utmost importance, the non-metallic nature of D-glide avoids seizing and a good, well thought through design is essential. Many manufacturers rely on D-glide bearings for a broad range of products such as spray boom guides, box rotators, hinges of harvesting equipment and wheel kingpins.

Not farm equipment, but facing exactly the same challenges is the equipment of sugar mills. D-glide bushings survive the harsh conditions in shredders without chewing up the (stainless) pins, the crushing roller mill blocks can be fitted with D-glide to make them much less dependent on the thick oil that is used to lubricate them, an on-site refurbish-able design is available and the best mechanical drive shaft couplings now have D-glide bearings to enhance their quality even further.