Civil Engineering

Bridges, sluices, locks, gates. In civil engineering every part of equipment is large, build for the long term and requires utmost reliability. Locks and gates are part of the indispensable infrastructure, when a bridge does not close, all transport in the region grinds to a halt. Locks and gates protect the hinterland against flooding, when the once-in-a-hundred-year storm, combined with a spring-tide hits, there cannot be the slightest doubt about their reliability. Reliability often concerns the mechanical components, the structural parts usually are strong enough. When a gate needs to close, you want it to close, every single time and without the slightest doubt. This, combined with the fact that life time demands of fifty years are more are the standard now, makes designing bearings for civil structures so specific. Interestingly this also makes maintenance free bearing designs extra valuable. Based on reliable life time calculations, ‘maintenance free’ means that bar unforeseen circumstances the installation can and will function as designed, independent of external utilities such as greasing systems or seals.