Imagine you need to build a very complex machine, with gears, guides, slides, pulleys, hinges and envision that it needs to cut through rocks or load incredible amount of sand, in impossibly short amounts of time. That already sounds like a tremendous engineering challenge, does it not? But now realize that this all needs to remain working, fail safe, close to 24 hours a day, on a moving, flexing platform, in salt water, with sand ever present everywhere. That in brief is the challenge for all mechanical parts of a dredging vessel.

Dealing with those conditions and circumstances requires special skill and knowledge, qualities that DRIE-D has acquired and that has resulted in a long list of proven bearing designs. Think about spud carrier skids, spud pole guides – both with and without elastic elements –, internal and external bearings for turning glands, bearing for walking sheaves, trunnion hinges in various designs. We also have a design for bottom sheave bearings that lasts, for A-frames, for flag sheaves, all fully maintenance free when needed. For one of the main Dutch dredging companies we assisted in making a backhoe dredger fully grease-emission free for work in Australian coastal waters. After this exercise it obviously was the most maintenance friendly dredger in its kind but is also appeared to be the most reliable, with significantly less downtime than its peers.