All mammals and other vertebrate carefully protect their bearings (joints) underneath a layer of skin, muscles and other tissue. In the offshore industry such constructions often are exposed to the environment and subjected to all violence this environment can unleash. Corrosive salt water, storms with the power to sink ships, very high and extremely low temperatures and an environment where failure simply is no option. When off shore a failure occurs often the environment, or worse, human life, immediately is in danger. This puts the highest demands on designs, but also on processes, procedures, management, traceability and quality control. When everything that can go wrong, does go wrong, your product still has to retain function and survive.

Over the years we have learned how to deal with that and what that means for our products. We have certified materials, a well-honed QA system, approved design rules, a track record that counts and experience with the extensive and complex documentation requirements that often apply. This has made us a specialist in designing bearings for offshore mooring systems, buoys, turrets, cranes skids, slewing and lifting systems and everything else that needs to move, reliably, durably and often maintenance free.