Friction Technology

Friction technology has many meanings, in the context of DRIE-D it means working with friction materials. Supplying brake linings, friction discs, clutch facings and other components made out of friction material to end users, processing the materials in our modern, well equipped work shop, solving problems and engineering.

The scope of supply comprises of a range of materials, which were all initially designed to turn kinetic energy into heat, but also can excellently be utilized in gripper systems to gently but very firmly hold things. Some are very rigid, some flexible, some are moulded, some are based on a woven cloth, some contain large quantities of metals for optimum conductivity, some are metal free to be as gentle as possible for the counter face, some can be used in water or even in oil, some need to remain dry, some stem from the age when brake lining was synonymous for asbestos, some are ultra-modern, based on materials such as Kevlar. For all we perfectly know and understand how to use and apply them and what their performance in use will be.

A special category is the railway products. DRIE-D is the Dutch importer of the Jurid/Federal-Mogul range of railway brake blocks and brake shoes, as well the distributor of these items to railway operators and maintenance companies throughout Europe.

All materials we work with are produced using European technology, with care and attention for the environment and to the highest quality standards. Many materials have been tested by independent test organisations and some are certified by classification societies.